So, this story reminded me how bad the drivers have been treated in Denver and other cities.   I drove in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this weekend, and it was ok at best.   So they only have Uber there.   Basically every ride up there charges the #passenger $12.30.  For those of you who use Uber but don’t know the driver side of it all, let me break it down.  From that $12.30 fare Uber takes $2.30 right away for administrative fees, NOTE this fee does not appear on any ride receipts we ever see, it is just missing?   What does show is $10.00 ($12.30 – $2.30), now on each ride receipt we see $10 minus $2 Uber fee and the payment to the driver $8.00.    So when you think they take 20% of our money to run the platform, well- take a look again!  $12.30 paying us out at $8.00 means they keep 35% of the money to send a signal to the drivers where to pick up.  Car maintanance, gas, oil changes, upkeep, & of course USING OUR OWN CARS is our expense.   Worst part of all this is the fees of $2.30 and $2.00 are really for the same exact thing, they just word it different in the two descriptions!    There is a real opportunity right now to come in big cities with a driver owned ride share program that would pay the drivers doing all the work more and stock incentives or profit sharing.   More on this soon.   Please get in the discussion here my fellow drivers……….  

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