“Ms. Camacho is traumatized. She was a victim of a violent crime. She did nothing to provoke this.” Bryant Greening filed this lawsuit on behalf of Jennifer Camacho. She claims that three months ago. On the 3300 block of North Halstead in Chicago, she got into an Uber Pool shared ride. And Julie Ramer turned toward the backseat and stabbed her in the face with a three-inch knife. He says his client may have permanent scarring near her eyes. “There was no provocation at all on Ms. Camacho’s part. She did not say anything to Ms. Ramer, she did not offend Ms. Ramer and Ms. Ramer was angry for whatever reason and took that anger out on Ms. Camacho,” Greening said. The lawsuit filed says Uber was negligent for not having warned Camacho of the risks posed by other passengers and not instructing drivers on how to handle such situations. “We want to make sure that Uber has training in place to make sure that it’s driver know what to do in these types of situations, that Uber is taking responsibility for warning passenger of the dangers of getting in cars with strangers, and that Uber is taking responsibility to pair safe people together,” Greening said. Ramer’s defense attorney, Hal Garfinkel, declined to comment on the new civil suit, but pointed out that prosecutors did not even consider Ramer’s alleged criminal conduct a felony. Garfinkel also predicted that Ramer would be completely exonerated at trial. A spokesperson for Uber thanked us for inquiring about an incident that she did not involve Uber and told us that when an incident is reported, they look into it to ensure the safety of everyone using the Uber app.

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