It’s a harsh new reality for Uber and Lyft drivers. A new set of laws make it so insurance companies can choose not to cover them or their passengers if there’s a crash. “You would be totally out of luck for collecting your non-economic damages,” attorney Shaina Reed said. “That’s pain and suffering type damages.”
Which means both drivers and passengers could be out… “It could be millions of dollars,” Reed said. These insurance changes are a huge deal to both Uber drivers and passengers. So that’s why we ordered one to get their thoughts/ “As a driver it makes me aware that anything might happen,” Taddley O’Ryan, an Uber driver said. “You know I can’t control other drivers on the road. Therefore if I’m injured, I might not get the proper medical coverage that I need. And the same for my riders. I care very much about them. And knowing my insurance might not cover them as well is deeply concerning.” He says he’s already bought a separate Uber insurance policy… Which cost a lot more money than his old one. He believes these changes mean, less people are going to be joining Uber or Lyft: “If somebody wanted to drive for Uber now, it’s almost impossible to get in–and there’s only one insurance agency in the greater Lansing area that is covering Uber drivers.” As for the way it affects the passengers, he fears he might be seeing less of them. “If passengers were aware that they may not be covered, they may not take Uber as well. Which could affect our business.”

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