New data shows the recent run of bad PR for Uber may be promoting corporate travelers to re-think using the ride-share giant when on business trips. Certify, which tracks millions of business expenses says the number of corporate travelers expensing rides with Uber grew by just 1 percent in the first quarter of 2017. “The connection between bad press and slower business travel bookings for Uber is anecdotal. What we have seen to support this trend is the slowest quarter to quarter growth for Uber since Q1 2014, as well as an increase in negative user reviews and comments that call out Uber for bad business practices,” said Alan Neveu, Chief Technical Officer for Certify.
Uber continues to dominate the ride-share business for corporate travelers, far outpacing its rival Lyft. The good news for Lyft posted slightly faster growth in business travel expenses, up 2 percent, than Uber in the first quarter. Certify says It’s too hard to tell how to know how much some of the recent controversies surrounding Uber may be impacting the decision of business travelers. However, analysis of corporate expenses shows those traveling for business are renting cars less often when on the road. In fact, Certify says rental car expenses fell to 31 percent of all ground travel expenses in the first quarter. By comparison, in the first quarter of 2014, rental car expenses made up 55 percent of all ground travel receipts filed by business travelers.

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