After testing a delivery service with Uber in Florida for the last few months, McDonald’s has announced plans to expand the partnership and add delivery options to several new US cities this summer. The new service was outlined in the company’s global growth strategy last month, and billed as one of the main tactics aimed at retaining and attracting new customers. But after quietly testing the service in a collaboration with the ride-sharing service Uber at 200 restaurants across Florida since December, McDonald’s told analysts and investors in a conference call this week that the experiment is no longer in test mode and will expand across the US, reported Crain’s Chicago Business. It’s estimated that about 70 percent of business at McDonald’s restaurants across the US is conducted at the drive-thru window. In the collaboration with Uber, customers first order and pay for their meals on their smartphones. Orders are sent to the restaurant, where they’re prepared for delivery. Uber’s drivers deliver the meals for a flat fee of $4.99 per delivery, explains Crain’s. McDonald’s is also testing its mobile ordering and mobile pay app in more than 400 restaurants across the US.  

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