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Start racking up Delta SkyMiles with your Lyft rides

Lyft is no stranger to offering perks with every trip. Its latest bonus will be more than a little useful if you’re a frequent flier, though. The service just unveiled a partnership with Delta that has you earning SkyMiles with every ride. After you link your Lyft and SkyMile accounts, you’ll earn one mile for each dollar you spend. There’s also a promo running until August 31st that will triple your miles whenever you travel to or from the airport.


You’re unlikely to earn that long-sought European vacation solely through Lyft rides, but the points could add up if you regularly use Lyft as an alternative to a personal vehicle. This is more about adding to your existing SkyMiles sources — and, of course, giving you a reason to pick Lyft over Uber or (gasp) a taxi. And when Uber has offered incentives like Starwood hotel points in the past, it only makes sense that Lyft would return fire with a travel-focused deal of its own.





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