AS Roma have signed a new deal with transportation service Uber in order to ease the traffic to and from the Stadio Olimpico, ahead of what is going to be a packed derby on Saturday afternoon against rivals Lazio. The club announced the news on their official website, and the agreement with Uber will allow supporters to get a 20% discount on the fares to reach and leave the stadium. The news was largely welcomed by supporters – who will be able to get to the Stadio Olimpico cheaper than their rivals Lazio – yet was also criticized by unlucky regular taxi drivers, who have been left out and whose earnings will be penalized by the new partnership. In fact, according to Italian press agency Ansa the union of Roman taxi drivers has ‘rebelled’ against the decision, with the leader of such union Loreno Bittarelli claiming that the deal “will turn out to be negative both for the club and for Uber.

“The city of Rome already has multiple transport problems. If this agreement gets applied, I am curious to see what will happen when clients will request a ride and no one will be available,” he continued.

The club tried their best to repair the damage and silence the angry taxi drivers by arguing that they intend to sign a second, separate agreement with other transport companies.

A spokesman said: “The partnership with Uber has been confirmed but it’s not exclusive. We look hope to secure other collaborations with the same aim, to promote an easier movement from and to the stadium.”


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