A man in Sarasota took on the wrong Uber driver and ended up shot. The Uber driver called law enforcement to tell them that his customer attacked him. The driver said he told his customer Geoffrey Ruscher, 42, to get out of his car because Ruscher acted belligerent. Ruscher got out of the car but eventually made his way back to the driver. Ruscher made threats to the driver and even punched him in the face. Deputies said Ruscher also told the driver, “I will kill you.” The Uber driver then shot one bullet into Ruscher’s leg and called 911. The fight happened Thursday evening in the 4100 block of Lockwood Ridge Road. After confirming the driver’s story with witnesses, deputies said the Uber driver was defending himself and arrested Ruscher. He’s being held on $620 bond. Deputies said the Uber driver was lawfully carrying the gun. They returned his gun to him after the investigation.    


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