A disgraced correction officer who took up work as an Uber driver was nabbed for pretending to be a federal officer, Port Authority cops said Saturday. Andrew T. Kessler, 36, of Queens, was stopped at the Holland Tunnel toll plaza in Jersey city when an officer spotted him gabbing on his cell phone, authorities said. Kessler handed the cop a US Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons identification card with his photo, and a shield — but the cop called the card out as a fake, and arrested Kessler for impersonating a public servant. Kessler was busted last year for stealing nearly $14,000 in unemployment insurance benefits while he was a full-time federal correctional officer at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, according to the state Labor Department. He even used a DOJ computer to file the weekly benefits claims while he was working at the jail, authorities said in a news release. Kessler was convicted and sentenced to six months in federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release, records show.    


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