We’ve seen the rise of ride-sharing and home-sharing apps in Lyft and Airbnb. Now the world has a load-sharing option as well. Truxx is a newer truck-sharing app that allows people to order a truck on-demand. According to Truxx information, Truxx started when founder Carlos Suarez found himself in the parking lot of a large home improvement retailer after he bought a box too big to fit in his car. He looked around at the large pickups and vans and wondered how he could use a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft, but to get his large purchase home. “You know the old saying, ‘Everyone needs a friend with a pickup truck’?” said Suarez in a press release. “Truck owners can’t live on beer and pizza alone. With Truxx, drivers get real money for their time. In addition, it gives everyone access to a large network of drivers. It is a perfect marriage and a solution to a common problem.” The Truxx app works similar to other ride-sharing apps, and finally pickup drivers can earn some money helping people out. Truxx users can schedule and rate drivers, make cash-free payments, and see driver background checks. Rates are simple, starting at $25 per half hour, or $35 per half hour, for the driver’s assistance in unloading and loading. Truxx also has unique features like driver location services, and all transactions and messaging between users and drivers are done within the app. It also gives drivers the ability to book multiple jobs. Truxx opened up in Salt Lake County and Utah County in October, and Brett Fulmer, a Provo man, is one of the first who signed on to be a driver. He owns a large Toyota Tundra and is familiar with the concept because he is a big Uber fan. “I saw this as an opportunity to make some extra income, and it’s been a good way to do that for me. I have a truck, so I figure I might as well put it to use,” he said by phone last week. “It’s like the Uber for moving vans, and I can accept jobs when I want.” Fulmer works full time at a local company, so he usually only takes Truxx calls in the evenings or over the weekends. He’s already been out on about 20 Truxx contracts, and had some weekends of driving between multiple jobs. He’s also serviced someone with the same problem that prompted Truxx founder Suarez to start the company. “The other day someone bought a new washer and dryer at a home improvement store, and they didn’t want to wait for delivery, so I just went over and picked it up,” Fulmer said. Fulmer said in Utah County, and especially Provo, he’s helped a lot of students moving in and out of apartments. He’s also toted a lot of televisions and appliances. On one call, he hauled a large antique that a man purchased through Craigslist and then had no idea how to cart it home. “It’s a chance to help some folks out, and make money while I’m doing it. Plus, then I’m not sitting on the couch getting fat,” Fulmer said laughing. Truxx is currently operating in most East Coast states and along the West Coast as well. Fulmer is one of just a few Truxx drivers in Utah County, and Truxx executives are hoping to expand the company’s presence throughout Utah. To find out more, visit truxxit.com.    


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