CLEVELAND – A frightening road rage encounter involving someone pulling a gun on an Uber driver in Cleveland was caught on camera. Uber driver Kevin Burke, 28, said it began around 3 a.m. Wednesday when he flashed his headlights at another driver whose oncoming SUV appeared to have its high beams on. “That’s common courtesy where I grew up,” Burke said. As he dropped off his passenger, Burke said he watched the SUV turn around and start following him at close range. “To the point where I couldn’t see their headlights in my rearview mirror,” Burke said. “That’s probably within a couple feet of my back bumper.” Burke, who has cameras in his vehicles, said he started driving toward his next fare and was on West 7th Street near Quigley when the SUV suddenly cut him off. Video shows the SUV’s passenger then getting out and pointing a gun at Burke. Burke immediately backed his vehicle away and drove in the opposite direction as he called police. He pulled into a side street and turned his lights off as he waited for police to respond. Burke, who was not injured, said his vehicle was scraped by a sign when he backed up to get away. “I think I got extremely to lucky to get out pretty much unscathed,” Burke said. Burke said the other vehicle appeared to be a newer model Honda Pilot. Cleveland police are investigating.

~source: fox8 cleveland

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