FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) Our 11 News crew did a double take when they saw an Uber sticker for the ride-sharing app, on the inside of the windshield on an El Paso County Sheriff’s truck. Everyone who drives for Uber is required to have this sticker on their vehicle. A picture of the EPSO vehicle, was taken at the command center for the 117 Fire. Crews are working so hard at that fire day and night, no doubt about that, but the sticker raised an eyebrow. When we asked the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office about it, they were not aware of the sticker on this truck. “Honestly shock. These are government vehicles paid with taxpayer dollars. Someone thought it might be a comical joke to put it on there. We do not find it funny at all. So it has been removed. It was removed instantly as soon as we were made aware that had put on there,” EPSO Spokesperson Jacqueline Kirby said. Sheriff Bill Elder guaranteed 11 News the truck has not been used to give anyone a ride for Uber and says it was meant to be a joke. Our 11 News crew observed a deputy working to scrape off what was left of the sticker on the inside windshield of that truck. “It is frustrating because everybody is working hard, every vehicle here has been deployed in some way shape or form to the 117 fire. It very much caught me off guard, it caught our administration off guard. But we have corrected it and will take disciplinary action if necessary,” Kirby said. The sheriff’s office says the sticker is a violation of their policy, so there will probably be an investigation on why it was there.

~source: kktv 11 colorado springs

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