An Uber driver arrested Sunday is accused of kidnapping a teenage rider and kissing the girl, against her will, before dropping her off at her Golden home. The incident happened after 10 p.m. Saturday when the 15-year-old was picked up at her workplace in the 100 block of North Rubey Drive in Golden, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. A co-worker had arranged for the teen’s ride home, about 10 miles from where she works, in a pool ride arrangement. Since there already was a passenger in the back seat, the teen got into the front seat. The passenger in the back seat was going to the area of Interstate 76 and Pecos Street, about 14 miles away from Golden. The teen asked the driver to drop her at home first, so she wouldn’t have to go Pecos Street and then back to Golden, according to a news release. The driver refused, claiming the app on his phone was not working properly. The teen offered the driver an additional $10 to drop her off first, but the driver bypassed her home. After dropping off the back-seat passenger on Pecos, the Uber driver took the teenager home — but kept the door locked when he arrived and kissed the girl against her will, the sheriff’s office said. The Uber driver then unlocked the door and the girl fled to her home and safety. Investigators identified the Uber driver as 29-year-old Ahmed Muse. He was arrested Sunday on suspicion of second-degree kidnapping, false imprisonment and harassment. The initial passenger in the Uber corroborated the teen’s description of events before being dropped off, officials said. An investigation is ongoing. An Uber spokesman said the company is concerned by the allegations and that it has suspended the suspect’s ability to drive for the company. “What’s been described is deeply troubling and upon learning of it we immediately removed the driver’s access to the app,” Uber said in an email. “We stand ready to assist the law enforcement investigation in any way possible.”      


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