Cody Tanis hasn’t even been an Uber driver for two weeks, but as the only one in town, he’s received a lot of positive feedback.
“People are really excited,” Tanis said. “And they’re just grateful to have a ride.”
Tanis has lived in Big Spring almost his whole life, and is happy to give rides to the community and its visitors.
“It’s a fun experience,” Tanis said. “It’s cool to meet new people and hear their stories. And also sharing who I am and the history of Big Spring as well.”
As a student on winter break from Howard College, Tanis saw Uber as a nice side gig.
“The ability of having flexible hours, and kind of being your own boss.” Tanis said. “I thought that was a super cool, kind of fun way to earn some money.”
Although he enjoys all the business, he hopes other drivers get involved.
“It’s a little overwhelming at times,” Tanis said. “But I see it as a challenge, and I encourage people to download the app and become a driver. And just kind of see what it’s like.”
Tanis said that even when school starts, he plans to keep driving, which is good news for anyone in Big Spring that needs a ride.


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