A New Hampshire driver who stopped an out-of-control driver on New Year’s Eve now says he’s worried he may lose his job. As CBS 13 reported earlier this week, officers arrested 50-year-old Aaron Marconi after he allegedly hit multiple parked cars in downtown Portsmouth, a Dunkin Donuts sign and eventually crashed into the front of a sub shop. Police say from there, two good Samaritans ran up to help, but Marconi tried to flee. That’s when Ian Kelley, an Uber driver, pulled out a gun, pointing it at Marconi until police arrived. “I just simply looked at him, and I said, ‘Do you understand how many people you could have killed tonight?’” Kelley said. Kelley says police thanked him, but he is now afraid he could lose his job. “I understand that there’s a zero tolerance for firearms with Uber, so I don’t know later on what’s going to happen,” Kelley said. There has been no comment from Uber on the incident and any potential punishment. As for Kelley, he says after what happened, he went back to work for several more hours.    


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