A St. John, Indiana, man has been charged after he sent an Uber to pick up a teenage girl he met online and then raped her at his home, prosecutors allege. Joshua Vonthaden, 21, faces four felony charges and one misdemeanor, including rape and criminal confinement. The day after Christmas, Vonthaden allegedly invited a 15-year-old girl he had met through social media to his home in the 8400 block of West 91st Avenue where he lives with his parents. Vonthaden sent an Uber to pick the girl up, court documents show. Vonthaden had told the girl he was 18 years old and the only one home once she arrived, according to court documents. The two went into the basement where Vonthaden gave the girl a fruity drink called a Caribbean and offered her marijuana. The girl told police she started “to feel funny and was having trouble talking” shortly thereafter, court documents state. Vonthaden then allegedly tried pulling the girl’s pants off, despite her resistance, and eventually forced unprotected sex on her. The girl also reported that Vonthaden choked her and forced her face into the couch she was laying on while he raped her, court documents show. She told police she had difficulty walking down the hallway to use the bathroom afterward because she was lightheaded. The girl told police she heard someone enter the home as she returned to the room Vonthaden was in. Vonthaden told the girl it was his mom returning from the gym and that she should tell the mother she was 18 years old if asked, court documents state. Two of Vonthaden’s friends came to pick him and the girl up and drove around looking for an ATM to buy more marijuana before dropping the girl off at her home, according to court documents. Once home, the girl’s mom took photos of the bruises on her head and neck before taking her to the hospital to complete a rape kit, according to court documents. The officer who searched Vonthaden’s home reported that Vonthaden said authorities “don’t have any evidence” and then sarcastically said, “Oh I forgot, it’s the #MeToo Movement.” Vonthaden is due back in court Jan. 9.      


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