Glowing logos in the windshield for popular rideshare companies Lyft and Uber help passengers identify what vehicle to get into, but Kansas Highway Patrol troopers say the lights are illegal. Christopher Hockett, a Wichita rideshare driver, says he did not realize he was violating the law with his green Uber LED light. “I didn’t know what I was getting pulled over for,” said Hockett. In a video from his dash cam, you can hear an officer explain that the lights in the window are illegal. According to Kansas statute 8-1729, the only lights drivers can have on their vehicles that are visible from the road are white, yellow, amber, or red in color. “Flashing lights are prohibited,” the statute says. Lyft Amp, a device the company supplies, glows pink and purple. It changes color as the driver approaches their passenger.
Uber Beacon glows a soft white, but also changes color when the driver nears arrival. Troopers say the devices can not be used in Kansas because they are not headlamps, brake lights, or license plate illuminators. Aside from exceptions for school buses, church and daycare buses, no additional lights that are visible from the road can be used on a vehicle. Rideshare drivers Eyewitness News spoke with say they plan to continue using the lights anyway, but turn them off while driving. Neither Lyft nor Uber requires drivers to use the devices, but vehicle identification decals are encouraged by both. The city of Wichita does not mandate drivers to use company identification while driving for either service.    


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