Usually professional drivers are used to dealing with horrible passengers accumulating a wealth of horror stories. However, now and then they might find themselves in terrifying situations which have nothing to do with their passengers. Following we have some of those stories told straight from the drivers themselves.
I was driving late at night trying to locate my pax’s drop off point  in the middle of nowhere when I suddenly came upon a severed cow’s head in the middle of the street. As expected, I started freaking out a bit so I decided to turn around and get out of there. However, my passenger was either stupid or brave since he decided to get out of the car and go move the head. As soon he got out of the car, I noticed a group of people starting to come out of the woods. I screamed to the pax and I got out of there the fastest I could.
It was a cold stormy night. I was waiting for my pax , who was late, to come out when suddenly a guy slammed his hand on my window. Of course I started screaming and he stepped back. That is when he started waving at me while at the same time having a creepy smile on his face. I immediately cancelled the ride and called it a night for me.
I was driving home late at night after finishing my night shift when I noticed a barefoot girl in a white dress running down the highway. I kind of slowed down and took a look at the girl. Her make up and face was all messed up.  She started running towards me and that is when I started freaking out. It turns out that there had been an accident a bit further down the road and she was the only survivor. She was trying to call for help for her friends. Called 911 and waited with her until help came.
I used to drive during the night due to my morning job. One night around 11.30 a received a ride request. There were two ways I could reach the pax, one that went through the town and the fastest way where you had to had to go through a single lane dirt road. I forgot to mention that it was raining pretty hard. Of course I chose the fastest option. Everything was cool until I came around a curve and saw a guy in the middle of the street dressed in black from head to toe. Naturally I freaked out and quickly reversed my car. The guy started running towards my car and then disappeared in to the woods. Later saw in the news that the same happened to another person where the guy actually tried to get into his car.
Keep in mind that this is Australia. After dropping off my pax, worth mentioning that it was one of those long rides, I was on my way back home. I didn’t feel like making any stops especially while I was still in a rural area where everything is pretty dark. While approaching the city where things turn brighter due to motorway lights, I realized that there was something on the dashboard directly in front of me. It turns out it was a huntsman spider sitting there looking straight at me for the past 2 hours. I stopped at the first service station I could find and killed the beast.
After receiving a ride request, I was on my way to the pax. While on the freeway I noticed a truck with weird shaped round headlights following me. In the begging, I just thought that we were just going the same way. However, after every freeway change the truck was still following me. After 20 minutes the truck was still behind me following me at a constant speed and maintaining a good distance. I was getting more stressed as time went by and it was still behind me. I decided to pull into a McDonalds drive-through in order to see whether it would still follow me. After realizing thatI pulled in line into a drive-thru, the truck made a u-turn and drove off. After leaving the parking lot I was super paranoid that the truck would be waiting for me in a dark corner somewhere. Thankfully nothing like that happened.
One night, while on my way home I hit a deer. I guess I was tired and not on high alert. The poor deer went flying and ended up in a ditch on the side of the road. I immediately stopped and grabbed my flashlight to go check whether the deer was still alive. Surprisingly the deer managed to get up and disappear as soon as I opened the door. I looked around trying to locate the deer and see if I needed to call for help. The creepy part is that while I was looking around I realized that I was completely surrounded by deer. All of them were staring at me, standing still, giving me judgmental look.
In an attempt to reach my passenger I ended up driving through a bad neighborhood. All of a sudden I see a man wearing a black t-shirt and a black hat holding his stomaching and be in extremely pain. While he was walking in and out of the road I saw a lot of blood. Even though I was super scared to stop, I decided to pull over and go help him. I left my car door open and went towards him. It turns out he was stabbed twice and his face had also taken a beating. I let him sit in my car while we were waiting for the police to come. Needless to say that I was terrified since the person that stabbed him was still after him and I had to be on high alert constantly. Thankfully the price came quickly and I was free to go.
After a long shift driving people around I was on my way home at around 4 o’clock in the morning. Mind you we are in Indiana, while driving, having corn fields  on either sides of me I saw a man coming out of the fields completely covered in blood. I got so scared and sped around him. Later I called the police. No-one knows how this guy was.

It was quite late and I was heading home through an industrial area. As soon I reached a traffic circle, I saw a car parked sideways across the street  attempting to block the road. There were two guys standing close to the car, most probably waiting for someone or trying to hijack a car. I floored it and drove straight over the traffic circle in order to get away. I was seriously shaken for days.


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