It’s the go-to taxi service for many people around the world, but Uber prices are set to increase in London this week. Uber has announced that it is adding 15p/mile onto every trip taken through the app in London.
This new fee is part of the Mayor’s Clean Air Plan, and will be added from Wednesday 16 January. In an email to customers, Uber said: “From Wednesday 16 January, a Clean Air Fee of 15p per mile will be included on every trip taken through the app in London. “This will only apply to miles traveled on a trip, and will not include miles traveled to your pick up location. “The 15p per mile will not be affected by dynamic pricing.” While the new fees are bound to cause controversy amongst customers, Uber reassures that they’re being put to good use. The email added: “The money will go towards helping drivers to upgrade and maintain an electric vehicle as well as other clean air initiatives.” Uber has also set itself the aim of making every car on the app in London fully electric by 2025.


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