Two passengers attacked a Las Vegas Uber driver after he refused to give them a ride. Metro police are still looking for the two young men. The entire incident was caught on a dashboard camera. The Uber driver in the video did not want to share his name. But he told FOX5 exclusively that he got a request to pick up the young men outside an apartment near the Convention Center last week. He said the passengers looked underage and they only requested one rider through UberPool, an affordable carpool option through the app. The driver said both of those are against Uber’s policy. So before starting the ride, he canceled their request. “Because of the situation being so shady he asked them to leave the car,” the Uber driver’s son told FOX5. “When he asked them to leave they started throwing punches at him.” The driver’s son also did not want to share his name for safety reasons. “It’s definitely brutal,” he said. “It’s hard to watch because it just makes you wonder how safe the drivers are when they’re driving.” He rushed to meet his dad right after the attack. “He was shaken up, he was shaking,” the driver’s son said. “He was basically panicking. He didn’t know what was happening. They did a CAT scan of his brain and his face. They said that he has a broken cheek bone right under his eye.” He said his dad is still scared, but back on the road driving.
“I don’t think that it’s ever going to be like before for him,” he said. The driver’s family is now hoping these two passengers are caught before they take another ride. “They’re out there right now. They’re walking on the streets,” his son said. “The camera doesn’t really help with people being safe. It just points out who the victim is and who the attackers are.” Metro police confirmed they are still investigating this as a battery case. No one has been arrested. They describe the passengers as teenagers or young adults. If you have information, call Crime Stoppers: 702-385-5555


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