San Diego County Lyft riders saved three million hours in 2018 using the service compared with other modes of transportation, a time savings valued at $149 million, according to an economic impact report released Thursday by the ride-booking company. Lyft’s report found that 49 percent of riders explored San Diego more by using Lyft, leading to riders spending an additional $75 million around the county last year. According to the report, 74 percent of riders are less likely to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs due to the company’s services. Lyft credits some of its 2018 success in the county to the launch of new programs like its Get Out the Vote campaign partnership with Susan G. Komen San Diego, including its new dockless scooters. The company also launched a pilot program for Camp Pendleton last May, an effort to help military members and their families get to and from the base. Before the “Base Mode” program, ride-booking service drivers may not have been given access to the base and would have the cancel the ride, according to Lyft. “Every day, people are using Lyft in San Diego as a way to connect with their community, support local businesses and commute more efficiently,” Lyft San Diego Market Manager Hao Meng said. “As Lyft works to better knit together North American cities, including through bikes and scooters, we hope to continue to find new ways to invest in the local San Diego economy.”


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