Riders can request a special code from their driver that gives them access to exclusive ticket pricing on concerts and sporting events

Cargo is a startup that places vending machines in rideshare cars, providing riders with items like snacks, energy drinks, earphones and more. In an effort to expand its provisions, Cargo has teamed with SeatGeek to offer riders exclusive offers and pricing on tickets for concerts and sporting events. The customer must be riding in a Cargo-enabled vehicle to take advantage of the discounted pricing. Once the passenger enters the driver’s unique code, they can then browse through available tickets. Customers can save up to $30 on the tickets. According to Mobile Marketer, “SeatGeek and Cargo aim to reach passengers as they explore a new city or during their regular commutes to work or home.” In order to grow its business, Cargo needs drivers from services like Uber and Lyft to install its vending boxes. Drivers receive a percentage of the goods sold, so more expensive items like tickets are intended to incentivize their integration of the service.


One thought on “Cargo Offers Rideshare Customers Discounted Event Tickets

  1. Natalie says:

    Anyone who is currently using this, how much “cargo” can you have on hand? Do people ever try to break into dispenser? Any issues with passengers and having this in your vehicle?

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