Rideshare drivers at O’Hare International Airport must use a specific designated parking lot. Drivers who spoke to ABC7 say the lot is always crowded, sometimes so much so that there are crashes and even fights. “You have people literally fighting,” said Barbara Lloyd, rideshare driver. “They’re killing each other for a $20 ride out of the airport.” “I’ve seen people get into fist fights. I’ve seen people screaming at each other, swearing at each other,” said Angelo Glitta, rideshare driver. The lot is called the Transportation Network Provider, or TNP, lot. Rideshare drivers wait there for a fare before heading to the terminal to pick up their riders. It’s one lane in, one lane out. A four-way stop sign controls the traffic. “It’s so crowded, and people are all trying to converge from four lanes down into one to get out,” said Kelly Pacheco, rideshare driver. Pacheco said it can take an hour to get from the lot to the terminal. Problems are so routine they’ve become a theme on social media. People document crashes at the lot and fights between drivers. “We need a traffic light at that intersection,” Pacheco said. “We need the lot to be gated and manned.” The city’s Department of Aviation said it’s working on the problem; in recent years it has tripled the number of spaces in the lot while exploring ways to expand capacity. The department said in a statement, “Through O’Hare’s upcoming expansion, the CDA is also developing longer term plans that will account for future TNP growth…”

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