A Lyft passenger is demanding answers from the company after being injured in a crash involving one of their drivers. Cameron Decker says he later learned his Lyft driver did not have up-to-date insurance. Since the crash, Decker says his medical bills have been piling up and is asking Lyft to step in and help. Decker earns his living as a skilled saxophonist, bringing in about $1,000 a week in gigs, but he says that all that stopped after the neck injury he suffered in a crash involving his Lyft driver. “I was very disoriented,” Decker said. “After we got hit… [it was lik] my bell got rung, you know?”
MRI results now show Decker is suffering from herniated discs in his neck and lower back and multiple disc bulges. “I go to a chiropractor three times a week,” Decker said. “And basically what’s happening right now is I’m building up a tab.” His attorney estimates his medical bills will range anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000, which should have been covered under the $1 million commercial insurance policy Lyft requires all their drivers to carry. Decker’s attorney says the driver had the correct policy when he started driving for the company, but at some point stopped paying the premiums and kept driving for the ride-sharing service. “How does this even happen?” Decker asked. “Does Lyft not check in on their drivers monthly to make sure they are carrying the proper insurance.” Lyft later fired the driver, who Decker says left him at the accident scene back on January 6 without exchanging information. Now, Decker is hoping Lyft’s insurance policy will cover him. FOX 13 reached out to Lyft Thursday to ask how often they check to see if drivers are continuing to carry the required coverage. A Lyft representative said the company was working on getting an answer, but wanted to reiterate all Lyft drivers are required to demonstrate proof of insurance when they are first hired. Lyft also said it provides insurance coverage for all drivers and riders while in a ride.


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