A Tampa Bay area woman took an Uber ride to Tampa International Airport that ended up costing her over $100. Bridget Meyer, of Westchase, takes Uber rides to the airport almost every Monday for work. Usually, they cost less than $20, but this particular fare cost $110. A map of the trip shows Meyer making another stop, besides the airport, that she says she never made. First, Meyer attempted to reach out to Uber to resolve the mistake. “They responded back to me pretty quick, and said ‘Okay we will look into it.’ Then I heard nothing,” she said. After a chain of about seven emails back and forth with no solution, Meyer contacted 8 On Your Side for help. News Channel 8’s Amanda Ciavarri stepped in and made a phone call to Uber. After that, Meyer had received a full refund. “Just amazing. Thanks! I mean, that was so quick, I did not expect that,” Meyer said.


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