As it continues to grow toward its goal of expanding to the top 30 major U.S. cities by the end of this year, Pittsburgh-based Gridwise gave its app, which helps rideshare drivers increase earnings and efficiency, an update.

The new features focus on helping users maximize efficiency and profit at airports, which Gridwise CEO Ryan Green said are a target location for most rideshare drivers.

With updated version of the app, Green said drivers can set up alerts for airport information, including the number of passengers on a flight, arrival and departure times, and delays and cancellations.

“Airports are a key area,” said Green. “There are challenges in how long you wait, decisions on whether to stay after you drop off a passenger or go back into the city. There is a lack of information helping drivers make those decisions. This will enhance their ability to keep up with real-time incoming passengers in and out of the airport, from an arrivals and departures standpoint, for a 24-hour window.”

Gridwise currently operates in eight cities, including the most recent additions of New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Atlanta, and increases rideshare drivers earnings by an average of 39 percent, according to a news release.

The airport features come in addition to existing features that offer drivers information on airport line length, crowdsourced tips and an events calendar.


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