1. I started off as a driver, in January 2014. I was just doing it for some part-time work. A friend had told me about it. She was seeing how it changed her life [read full article]
  2. U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik in Seattle on Tuesday granted a request by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to put the city’s ordinance on hold before it goes into effect. The organization argued the law improperly treats independent contractor [read full article]
  3. Just 13.9% of US consumers say they’d consider Uber the next time they needed transportation, according to “purchase consideration” data compiled by YouGov BrandIndex, a market research firm. That’s down from Uber’s recent high [read full article]
  4. Another day, another revelation of an ethically questionable business practice by Uber. This time The Information reports that Uber secretly tracked Lyft drivers using an internal software program it dubbed Hell [read full article]
  5. Like a lot of people, Yamileth Medina has sworn off Uber. Between former CEO Travis Kalanick’s various scandals and misbehavior’s
    [read full article]
  6. New Dynamex labor law test may help the judge figure out who will prevail [read full article]
  7. Lyft, the ride-hailing company, is suing New York City over its new law requiring a minimum wage of over $17 per hour for drivers
    [read full article]
  8. Lyft Inc. has always played the nice guy. It branded itself with a friendly pink mustache in the early days, and encouraged riders to fist bump their drivers. It let people tip inside its application for years before Uber finally [read full article]
  9. Lyft is by far the smaller of the two, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as ambitious as Uber. The company isn’t talking about expansion
    [read full article]
  10. What is Lyft Inc.? It seems like an easy question. Lyft connects people who want a ride with ersatz taxi drivers. But for investors in Lyft’s coming public stock offering [read full article]
  11. The financial world must periodically stand agape at the wonder of “technology” companies as they first reveal their results to the public. Lyft, for example, caused much hoopla by being the first of the expected mega-unicorns [read full article]
  12. Last week, Lyft beat Uber to the IPO starting line by filing its S-1 registration with the SEC. The document provides a first detailed look at audited financial statements for the operational and financial performance [read full article]


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