There are plenty of ways to celebrate Women’s History Month, and Lyft is getting in on the action the best way it can: free (or discounted) rides. Starting on International Women’s Day and continuing throughout the month of March, Lyft will offer free or reduced priced rides to a long list of destinations that are significant in U.S. and Canadian women’s history and to women-owned businesses. And the rides aren’t just available in major cities; there are discount codes for various locations in 37 cities available. A ride is free for up to $10 and rides that are more than that will receive $10 off. In order to get a discounted ride, you simply need to enter in your city’s code in the app when you request a ride. One ride is available per customer to or from the location. (To and from the location would be better, but just know what you’re getting into and plan accordingly.) The destinations Lyft is offering the rides to include The National Portrait Gallery in D.C., the International Women’s Air & Space Musuem in Cleveland, Wynwood Yard in Miami, and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. There are also a lot of restaurants, shops, cafés, and other women-owned businesses on the list. So, if you wanted to go out to eat at one of them anyway, this is pretty convenient. All of the city codes and a full list of locations are available here. As part of the celebration, Lyft partnered with women leaders from across the nation, who explain why the locations selected in their city are so meaningful. These include Kim Hunt from Chicago, Brittany Packnett from St. Louis, and Sherilyn Adams from San Francisco. As the month goes on, Lyft will be sharing their stories and more. Spearheading is Valerie Jarrett, a former White House senior advisor to President Obama and current Lyft board member. In a short video with Lyft, she explained that something that stops people from visiting landmarks like the ones the company is offering rides to is a lack of access, whether financial or transportation, which is one reason she is excited about the promotion. (And another reason why offering two rides would have been super cool.) Jarrett also said in a statement, “The fact that so many women feel empowered to get involved whether it was the Women’s March or the number of women who ran for office, in Congress and also at the state and local level — is so inspiring. The fact that we are recognizing our voices and exercising our ability to feel empowered, to get involved and to participate is heartening. I take great pride in saying that women of all generations are getting involved, but particularly the younger generations, because often times they don’t feel empowered and wonder what can they do. Right now they know what they can do, and they’re getting involved.” If you would like to visit one of the landmarks or businesses be sure to look up your city’s code and enter it in the app to get going.


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