Lets count down the most viewed articles from last month~

#5) The CRAZY two years that got Uber to where it is now (chronological order):

  1. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Yelling at Driver Over Falling Fares
  2. Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber
  3. How Uber Deceives the Authorities Worldwide
  4. Uber ENDS Autonomous Tests After Arizona Accident …… [ READ MORE ]

#4) Uber and Lyft IPO Valuations at Risk After Drivers’ Wage Backlash:

Uber and Lyft might be getting ready for a couple of prime-time IPOs, but that doesn’t mean its all smooth sailing for the ride-sharing unicorns. Recent scrutiny on the amount that they pay their drivers is threatening to overshadow…. [ READ MORE ]

#3) Why you should NEVER chase a surge:

So, are there real surges, of course and we have all encountered them and maybe even done well in the past. These companies are moving away from surging, or in Uber’s case have moved to the sadly dubbed “Penny Surge”….. [ READ MORE ]

#2) Rideshare Drivers Fight Back Against ‘Bogus’ Rider Complaints:

Chicago-area rideshare drivers tell NBC 5 Investigations their livelihoods are at risk because of passengers making bogus accusations….. [ READ MORE ]

#1) Uber gives up fight over unemployment insurance decision:

For the past three years, Uber has been locked in a dispute over whether it is obligated to contribute to unemployment insurance payments that the state’s Department of Labor decided were owed to three former drivers. That fight came to an end…. [ READ MORE ]  

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