Lyft will be introducing its own maintenance and service shops available exclusively to the company’s drivers, Lyft COO Jon McNeill said in a column printed on in March. According to McNeill, the company will design its shops to give discounts up to 50% on services like maintenance, repairs, car washes and more for Lyft drivers. Lyft will simultaneously launch a mobile unit that will bring services and repairs to drivers who live far from the new shops. Lyft hopes to roll out the mobile service in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, according to the column. “We also want our services to be available where drivers live, which is often outside the city centers where they drive,” McNeill said. “Drivers will be served by Lyft team members, including certified mechanics, selected for their expertise and passion for helping our community.” McNeill added the facilities will also include built-in space to help drivers with taxes, hospitality education, learning languages and more. McNeill claims 1% of the U.S. workforce  –  nearly 2 million drivers – drove for Lyft in 2018. His column also included details about new financial services and car rental opportunities being rolled out for the company’s drivers.

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