New Orleans rapper Reiona Oliver, best known as GameOva Reedy, was arrested after sending her 5-year-old son to school alone in a ride-sharing service, according to the authorities. St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office shared that Oliver, 27, was arrested Tuesday on child desertion charges in Louisiana after dropping her son in a car that picked him up in Chalmette. She told the driver to take him to school in New Orleans, which is about 8 miles away. She told the man she wouldn’t be accompanying her son on the ride and then went back inside her home. The driver became concerned and alerted deputies. Rather than dropping the boy off at school, the driver took the child to a sheriff’s substation in Arabi and told deputies that he explained to Oliver that he could not transport a minor not accompanied by an adult. Shortly after, Oliver was taken into custody at the St. Bernard Parish Prison, and come to find out, she was also wanted on two outstanding traffic warrants in Jefferson Parish. In a since-deleted post, Oliver explained that she put her child in a Lyft vehicle because she wasn’t feeling well and thought it wouldn’t be an issue. A manager for Oliver declined to comment on her latest situation. For those who don’t know, Oliver is best known for her 2017 viral hit called “FreeStyle,” which inspired her #ForTheD— challenge that many people across the country including celebrities have participated in.

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  1. maej73 says:

    This is good, maybe it will wake up some parents who are being careless and putting their children at risk

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