Wyatt Sexton was arrested Monday after accusations he hailed a Lyft driver in January and assaulted her during the ride. The 34-year-old former Florida State University quarterback was booked into the Leon County Detention Facility on charges of batter. He will appear before a judge this morning when his bail will be set. The ride-share driver picked Sexton up on the morning of Jan. 23. At the start of the 11-minute ride, he got in the front seat and began waiving a lighter in the driver’s face and up and down his own body. The woman told Tallahassee Police investigators she felt uncomfortable but continued the fare. Sexton began yelling and grabbed the woman by the hair and arm as the ride finished, according to court records. She immediately went to TPD’s headquarters on 7th Avenue to report the incident. On April 18, she picked him out of a photo lineup. Police, who were familiar with Sexton, followed up almost two weeks later. During a phone call, Sexton claimed to know nothing about the incident and denied attacking anyone. Sexton, who is the son of former FSU running back Billy Sexton, has struggled with legal and health issues in the past. His family has stressed to police investigators he needs mental health counseling. Charges stemming from a 2016 domestic incident were dropped. Sexton’s football career was cut short by personal troubles in 2005 after behavioral issues off the field. He finished spring practice as the starter that year in front of Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford. Police found the junior behaving erratically in June 2005 and took him to the hospital for observation. Officers said he appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but he was never arrested.

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