SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Traffic congestion in San Francisco has gone from bad to worse over the last few years, and many blame rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. Now a supervisor thinks he may have a solution. Supervisor Aaron Peskin is proposing a tax on Uber and Lyft rides. People in San Francisco are split on a proposal that would slap a tax on each of your Uber and Lyft fares. City Supervisor Aaron Peskin says this idea isn’t anything new. “This is not a San Francisco first,” he said. “Many other states and cities do this, Portland Oregon, Chicago, New York, entire state of Massachusetts.” Peskin says the surcharge help fix problems caused by rideshare programs. “A per-ride fee on Uber and Lyft rides to help pay for some of the costs and impacts they have on society — whether its street repaving, parking and traffic enforcement, pedestrian safety improvements, public transit on the operations and capital side,” Peskin said. Peskin says the plan is for a 3.25 percent surcharge on every fare dollar. “Given the volume of Lyft and Uber rides, that’s worth about $30 million a year, which can be used to mitigate some of the impacts of congestions,” he said. But others like Briana Tarantino who use Lyft multiple times a week, fear the surcharge could add up. “Oh wow, yeah three percent. That adds up, especially if you’re already wanting to tip the driver because they’re a good driver,” she said.


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