Uber has decided not to launch a fleet of bikes in Orlando, even after the city approved it to do so.

City officials had been waiting for the Uber JUMP bikes to hit the streets, which would have added a third company to Orlando’s bike-sharing scene. Lime has about 500 battery-assisted bikes and Hopr launched 250 traditional bicycles last year.

Uber still is eyeing Orlando as a potential market for its electric scooters if Orlando leaders eventually decide to allow them.

The city is about halfway through a one-year pilot of dockless bike sharing and could consider allowing the scooters on city streets once it’s over. Uber currently has scooters in Miami and is planning to bring to Tampa as well.

“We thank the City of Orlando for issuing JUMP a permit to operate electric bikes in the city,” spokesman Javi Correoso said. “At this time, we are not moving forward with a launch but we will continue to work with city officials to consider new modes of transportation on our platform in the future.”

After Lime launched in Orlando last year, Uber filed for a permit to launch its red bikes, called JUMP, which would have been able to be rented through the Uber app. The bikes were slightly faster than Lime, topping out at 20 mph, and had various pricing models throughout the country.

Customers in Orlando can rent e-assisted Lime bikes or traditional Hopr bikes throughout the city. Both systems cost $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute.