Uber has filed paperwork with the FAA to start testing drones in San Diego for food delivery. The petition seeks a series of exemptions that would allow Uber to use drones to transport food in the city of San Diego. The FAA recently granted its first air carrier certification to a drone company, Wing Aviation, which will begin testing in Blacksburg, Virginia. In Uber’s application, it said it would be using the AirRobot 200 drone, a hexa-copter which is larger than typical drones used by videographers. It says the drones would not fly higher than 400 feet and have a range of 3.5 miles. There is currently a public comment period on the FAA’s website . An FAA spokesperson told 10News, “we will thoroughly evaluate all comments we receive, as well as the petitioner’s proposal and associated safety measures, before making a decision.” Uber declined to comment for this story.


One thought on “Uber lists San Diego as test market for drone delivery service

  1. Kt says:

    Never gonna happen on any real scale.

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