If you’re going to use Uber or Lyft to get home from SFO this summer, you’re not going to be able to pick them up curbside anymore. San Francisco International Airport is moving its domestic ride-sharing pick up operations to the top of the domestic parking garage. A few categories of ride-share service have already moved to the garage, but effective June 3, all Uber and Lyft pick-ups will take place there. Arriving domestic air passengers will need to take an escalator or elevator to Level 5 and cross a sky bridge to the domestic hourly parking lot for all ride-share pickups. Domestic ride-share drop-offs will continue to occur at designated upper-level departure curbside areas. The international pick-up and drop-off locations will not change. Uber is asking its drivers to sign a petition urging the airport to continue curbside pickups for ride-hailing cars, believing the change will negatively affect driver’s earnings. Airport officials are making this change to deal with traffic congestions, which SFO spokesman Doug Yakel said now accounts for more than a third of vehicle traffic on the airport terminal roadways. Since the garage was built 40 years ago, there’s been a dramatic evolution in how people get to and from the airport. “Ultimately we’d like to tear down the current garage and build a new mixed use facility that’s a combination of private vehicle parking and commercial ground transportation pick-up and drop- off, something that was designed from the get-go to accommodate the type of activity we are seeing on our roadways today,” said Yakel. The idea for a new garage is included in the long-term airport development plan, but there is no timeframe for actually building it.


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