The Platinum Card® from American Express has lots of great benefits, and one of those is that you get a $200 annual Uber credit. Well, Amex has just changed up how this works, and it seems like it’s a positive change. Basics Of Amex Platinum Uber Credit Those with the Amex Platinum Card get up to $200 in Uber credits annually, valid for US rides. You get a $15 Uber credit at the beginning of each month, and in December you even get a $35 credit ($20 more than usual). In order to do this you have to link your Amex Platinum Card to your Uber account. You don’t actually have to pay for any residual Uber amount with your card, but rather the card just has to stay linked. The credits expire at the end of each month, so they’re valid for that month only. This is intended to get people consistently using Uber, which I imagine is why Amex is able to offer this benefit, since they’re likely only paying a fraction of the retail value of the credit. How Amex Is Making It Easier To Use The Uber Credit The way it was set up, your Amex Platinum Uber credit was added to your Uber Cash balance. You’d then have to manually select Uber Cash as your payment method, since it would otherwise default to whatever your usual payment method was. So while I wouldn’t say it was hard or tricky to use, for many people it wasn’t necessarily intuitive. That’s finally changing. As of this month (September 2019), Uber Cash will be set to automatically apply to your next ride so that you can easily take advantage of your benefit every month. In other words, you’ll no longer have to manually select Uber Cash as your payment method to use your Amex Platinum credit. As far as I can tell that’s good news, as I don’t see any “catch.” If you don’t want to use your Uber Cash towards your first ride every month, you can manually select a different payment method. This change is at least worth being aware of, since I know many people were so used to the old system.


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