After more than a year in stealth mode, Uber, which became synonymous with “gig economy,” is launching a staffing business in Chicago on Friday to supply on-demand workers to other companies.

The new business, called Uber Works, has been in stealth mode in Chicago for more than a year. It’s the second business outside Uber’s original on-demand taxi service based in Chicago. Uber Freight, an on-demand trucking platform, is run from Chicago, where the company plans to add 2,000 jobs as it moves into the old post office downtown. Uber’s move into temporary staffing is no surprise. At its core, Uber is a mobile app that allows workers use to find jobs driving people from one place to another.

Temporary staffing is slightly different, however, because employers need workers for defined shifts. Uber will partner with staffing agencies, starting with TrueBlue, to handle the paperwork for employment screening, verification and payroll.


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