[By Matt Hoffman] Go nearly anywhere in San Diego, and you will likely see dockless bikes and scooters. A recently launched company is empowering private property owners to remove the rentable bikes and scooters free of charge. “I think we’re a part of that check and balance that was never applied in the beginning,” said John Heinkel, co-owner of Scooter Removal LLC. “I think that we’re creating a harmony between the companies that — they provide a service and they do have a right to exist — and that private property owner that doesn’t want them.” Heinkel also owns a towing company and recently decided to start promoting removal of electric scooters from private property. His company contracts with property owners, posts signs, then notifies scooter operators of areas where they cannot be. “Understanding that there are private property rights and there are places that those scooters shouldn’t be, and people have a right not to have them,” Heinkel said. Heinkel said since last July more than 6,000 scooters have been impounded with a handful of bikes. Companies have to pay a fee per scooter, plus a daily storage rate to get them back.


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