E-Scooters to the ER? Riders and Accidents Are on The Rise

Jumping aboard an electric scooter is fun, inexpensive and can get you around crowded streets and big cities. But are they safe? Cities across the country have introduced E-scooters as a public transit option, which has resulted in a rise in the number of accidents… [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Electric scooter injuries becoming commonplace as popularity rises in Memphis

Electric scooters are becoming more popular around Memphis, meaning more people riding them are ending up in the hospital. Melissa Spencer and a friend decided to rent scooters downtown one night, and it was her first time on one… [READ FULL ARTICLE]

JOMS study: Scooter crashes significantly associated with head and face injuries

Injuries to the head and face are common in electric scooter crashes, and the high number of injuries to the arms and legs suggest patients break their fall during a crash, according to the study published in the November issue of the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the official journal of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS)… [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Ride at your own risk

Many e-scooters have a sign across the handlebars telling riders to “ride at your own risk,” and for about 140 people that rode e-scooters between the months of May and September, this has been a very real risk. Tampa General Hospital’s (TGH) emergency department compiles a “scooter injury” report for the general public. Before May of 2019, the report only consisted of injury reports relating to children’s scooters, but since the launch of electric scooters in Tampa, scooter-related injuries have spiked by roughly 700%… [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Cities Look for Ways to Curb E-Scooter Injuries

Portland, Oregon, requires all riders to wear helmets. In Nashville, e-scooter riders must be 18 and have a driver’s license. Atlanta banned scooter-riding on sidewalks. Beverly Hills, California, banned e-scooters all together… [READ FULL ARTICLE]

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