[By REX CRUM] Uber wants to give skiers a lift to the the lifts. On Wednesday, Uber introduced a new service called Uber Ski, which is designed for riders who want to get up to the slopes, but don’t feel like doing all the driving that comes along with that experience. Starting immediately, Uber users in 23 U.S. markets will see an Uber Ski icon appear on their app when they request a ride. Riders will pay an extra surcharge for a vehicle that is guaranteed to come with extra space, or a rack that can store skis or snowboards, and can also arrange for UberSki rides to take them home at the end of their skiing day. Drivers will not be required to accept Uber Ski rides, but if they do, they will have to provide photographic evidence that their cars are equipped to handle ski equipment. Uber added that drivers will receive a “significant portion” of the Uber Ski surcharge on top of their regular ride payments. Uber is launching Uber Ski in 23 markets that are close to multiple ski resorts. The areas where Uber Ski will be available are Anchorage; Boise, Idaho; Boston; Denver; Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, Colorado; the Colorado Rockies; Flagstaff, Arizona; Eastern Washington; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Green Bay, Wisconsin; the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania; Minneapolis-St. Paul; New Hampshire; Portland, Oregon; Portland, Maine; Salt Lake City; Seattle; Upstate New York; Vermont; Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, Pennsylvania; Worcester, Massachusetts; and Wyoming.


One thought on “Uber launches ski service in 23 U.S. markets

  1. ab5HATERS says:

    this program launched 3 years ago and never worked in any winter markets. why re-launch a failed project. would love to hear drivers in ski resort towns thoughts on this.

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