[By Hailey Winslow] LOS ANGELES – Travelers who rely on SuperShuttle will have to find a new way to get to and from the airport in 2020. The ride-share company with the blue and yellow vans is going out of business and will end operations by Dec. 31. The company already pulled out of some airports like Burbank, Sacramento and Phoenix. SuperShuttle started at LAX in 1983 and expanded to 80 airports worldwide. It’s recently struggled after losing so much business to Lyft and Uber. LAX tweeted they were notified by the company and shared alternative services travelers can use. “It’s not unexpected,” LAX passenger Jack Grimes said. “Uber or Lyft is just a better experience and probably a lot more reliable than SuperShuttle because you can actually see the time you’re going to arrive and keep them to their word.” Another traveler expressed he was disappointed to learn the service was shutting down. “I always hate to see companies go out of business,” says Joe Nellinger, about to hop on a plane. “Competition is fierce out there. Technology all over the country is putting companies out of business who fail to adapt.” SuperShuttle is currently one of the few services that can still pick up passengers curbside at LAX after the airport re-routed Uber, Lyft and taxi pick-ups to a parking lot next to Terminal 1. A SuperShuttle representative says the company is still taking reservations and walk-ups until Dec.31st. The spokesperson says passengers with reservations for next year will receive a full refund.


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