A Twitter user’s screenshot of a taxi aggregator company’s app message of cheap helicopter ride went viral on the social media platform, with people wondering if there was such a service in the first place. Many also wondered where the helicopter landed to pick up the passenger. Others posted memes on the helicopter ride. The user wrote: “Why the f*** is the Uber helicopter the cheapest option.” The screenshot suggested that while a taxi ride would cost over 126 dollars, a pool car around 102 dollars, the chopper ride would cost slightly more than 101 dollars only. It got 145K retweets and 753.1K likes. Replying to a tweet, she again wrote: “This kinda blew up. Eat the rich.” One user remarked: “Where if do they even pick you up? You cannot just land a helicopter wherever you want to.” A tweet went thus: “I’m curious about how you get picked up.” “I’m sorry but why is a helicopter an option at all??” wrote another. One user tweeted: “I would’ve booked that copter so damn fast….” A funny remark read: “You have to fly it yourself.” Another read: “Man, you better just start walking.”


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