Uber JUMP has started its adaptive scooter rider in association with San Francisco Bike Rentals. This is part of Uber’s permit with the city of San Francisco, which requires all electric scooter operators to share the adaptive pilot. “We are committed to helping improve access to transportation for everyone in San Francisco and believe that our adaptive scooters will do exactly that, especially for people who do not need mobility assistance at home or who do not qualify for the purchase of the scooter at home programs, but they still face limited options in public, “said an Uber spokesman. As part of the pilot, Uber is deploying two types of scooters, both with three wheels. However, at the time of launch, only four vehicles will be available. The plan is to monitor passenger response, continue interacting with community organizations and expand the program based on comments. “To guide our vehicle selection and service model, we conducted interviews with community members who manage or participate in adaptation programs across the country,” an Uber spokesperson told Newsdio. “We also investigate international programs to which we were pointed out during our interview process.” however, these adaptive scooters will not be available through the Uber application. This is because, according to Uber’s research, customer service and personal assistance are essential for user adoption. Instead, cyclists must reserve scooters with SF Bike Rentals and pick them up at one of the company’s two locations in the city. Once there, SF Bike Rentals can help familiarize cyclists with their options. The scooters will cost $ 0.33 / minute unless the cyclist takes advantage of the low-income plan.


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