[By Allysa Cole] Rideshare drivers working in the Rio Grande Valley are asking their riders to consider their child’s safety regarding car seats when using Lyft or Uber. According to the Texas Occupant Restraint Law, children under 8-years-old are required to sit in a proper car seat or booster seat. However, it does not apply to those transporting passengers for hire and third-party transportation services, which include Uber and Lyft. According to Lt. Chris Olivarez with the Texas Department of Public Safety, while the law does not specifically state Uber or Lyft, the key words in the law are ‘for hire.’ One driver CBS 4 spoke with said she’s turned away riders for not having the proper seats. “Most of the parents don’t want to carry [the car seat] because it’s a hassle, it’s big, it’s hefty,” said an Uber and Lyft driver, that asked to remain anonymous. “If they don’t have the proper restraint or they’re not the right age sufficient they are supposed to be, I tell them, ‘sorry, I cannot accept the ride.'” The driver has been working with Uber and Lyft for two months. According to the Uber Community Guidelines,
“Drivers and riders should comply with applicable laws when traveling with infants and small children. When riding with small children, it’s the rider’s responsibility to provide a car seat. Children age 12 and under should travel in the back seat.”
According to Lyft’s help website,
We’re happy to give kids a ride as well as adults as long as your children have the proper car seats that fit legal requirements in your state and city. Plan on providing your own car seat for children that require one.


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