Mobiles topped the list of items Uber users in Bangladesh left behind the most during rides taken in 2019, found a study. The information emerged in the third edition of the Uber Lost and Found Index 2020 released recently. This index is a snapshot of the most frequently forgotten items, as well as the days of the week and times of the year Uber riders tend to report items as lost in Bangladesh. According to the study, objects including phones, cameras and bags were among top most items left in Ubers across Bangladesh last year, followed by utility items like wallets, keys, clothing, glasses and umbrellas in the top 10 most forgotten item categories. The study said that Thursday and Friday were the most common days to report lost items, especially around the afternoon lunch and post-lunch lazy lull from 2:00pm to 5:00pm while they forgot the highest number of things on July 27, 2019. Besides leaving the usuals behind, Bangladeshis also forgot unique things such as Gajorer Halua, mosquito nets, a bottle of ghee or clarified butter. Medicine prescriptions followed by box of sweets or chocolates topped the list of 20 most unique lost items. The list of lost items that peaked on certain days said that people forgot licences or IDs most on Monday, laptops most on Tuesday, water bottle on Wednesday, watches or jewellery on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and headphones most on Friday. Backed by rider insight and captivating data, the lost and found index aims to educate riders in an innovative way about Uber’s in-app options available to them at the tap of a button, in case they lost or forgot something in their Uber during their trip. The company has also made detailed guidelines available for its users to report and locate their belongings they have left behind during a ride.


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