When can I apply for benefits in my state?   That is the big question.   The CARES Act and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program are starting to roll-out state-by-state.   We have six states here with updated information, and working on getting more fact checked information out later today on more states. For now here are a few articles relative to Colorado, New Jersey, Utah, California, Illinois, & Florida:
  • COLORADO:  “We’re hoping for somewhere around mid-April,” says Haavind.  Once gig workers and the self-employed are able to file, their funds will be retroactive so they won’t miss out on money because they haven’t been able to file yet. It’s all new territory for the state, just like it is for Vogt, who hopes he won’t have to rely on assistance for long. He’s ready to get back to work… [read full article]
  • NEW JERSEY:  Lots of gig workers have also said they have been unsure of the process, which was clarified by the Labor Department again Thursday.  It said those who may be eligible for the special unemployment compensation for gig workers, known as Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, should start the application process and apply now… [read full article]
  • UTAH:  the state just received federal “guidance” on how to administer the funds, and should have unemployment applications online for gig and self-employed workers early next week at jobs.utah.gov… [read full article]
  • CALIFORNIA:  Local unemployment attorney Parveen Tumber shared tips for gig workers that are unsure if they qualify for the current unemployment benefits being offered during the coronavirus pandemic… [watch video]
  • ILLINOIS:  The new Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act sets aside federal funding for benefits to “independent contractors and self-proprietors” who once could not get benefits “but have become unemployed as a direct result of COVID-19,” officials said.  It’s not clear, though, when the state unemployment agency will be ready to start turning the funding from Congress into reality in Illinois… [read full article]
  • FLORIDA:  The state has temporarily waived several requirements for people seeking benefits, including one that individuals must reach out to five potential employers each week.  The changes by the state are expected to allow jobless contractors and other gig workers who may not qualify for Florida’s assistance to be eligible for benefits through a federal stimulus. Florida’s benefits are capped at $275 a week for 12 weeks, while the federal law is slated to provide $600 a week for 13 weeks… [read full article]
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4 thoughts on “Gig Workers applying for UI benefits face different timelines

  1. Hang tight lots of states launching now, the rest will be very soon to follow~ stay in the know with our interactive state PUA chart!

  2. Ken Parks says:

    Here we are 3 weeks later in MS and still can’t even apply… The pandemic will be over before we can even fill out the UI website forms…. This is getting ridiculous.

  3. Hey Tyler, that is not correct. In fact we have quite a lot of information on other states, but we won’t post until we have verified the information. Hang tight, trying to post as many more as we can later today.

  4. if your state is not on the list, odds are you are f$#@%d for the foreseeable future.

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