As the COVID-19 crisis continues, Lyft announced it is committing $6.5 million to aid national COVID-19 response efforts, focusing specifically on initiatives that support drivers and vulnerable communities in numerous markets around the country, including South Florida. Among the company’s efforts is continued support of the LyftUp initiative, which in South Florida is helping feed at-risk communities through Farm Share. Any other South Florida-based non-profits who are in need of financial support are invited to apply. Funds will also be used to provide all drivers, including those in South Florida, with PPE (including facemasks and cleaning supplies) at no cost.
Below is an overview of how Lyft is supporting the South Florida community during COVID-19. Happy to answer questions or help with anything else you may need should you choose to move forward with a  follow-up piece on Lyft’s efforts in SFL.
  • Face Coverings & Sanitizing Products: Providing hundreds of thousands of cloth face coverings for drivers, following Lyft’s previous distribution of 35K+ sanitizing products and other cleaning supplies. Lyft will continue to alert drivers when these supplies are available.
  • Driver Funds: Extending funds to qualifying drivers, including individuals who have been diagnosed as immunocompromised and directed to isolate by their doctor because of COVID-19. Since March, Lyft has provided funds to drivers diagnosed with COVID-19 or put under individual quarantine by a public health agency.
  • LyftUp: Expanding current commitment to provide access to rides for those in need through LyftUp. Lyft has activated more than 500 partners through LyftUp to support those with essential needs during this time. These rides simultaneously support drivers, by providing driver earning opportunities (riders don’t pay for these trips, but drivers are still paid as if it’s any other ride). Florida partners include:
    • Lyft and Farm Share: Currently active in South Florida and aims to provide hundreds of families in need with a Lyft ride credit valued at up to $25. This will allow individuals or households to get picked up and driven to a designated Farm Share facility using a code through the Lyft app.
    • Lyft and Army of Angels:  Assisted the Orlando organization to reach and deliver food to families in need beyond Winter Park into areas such as Wedgefield, Lake Nona, Apopka and Pine Hills.
*Staff Report via The Miami Times*

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  1. Miami Driver James says:

    Unless, Lyft teamed up with Google? Where is this money coming from?

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