JUNEAU, Alaska — Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD) is accepting applications for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). “Workers who are self-employed, independent contractors, gig economy workers or are not working due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are not eligible for any state or federal Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits may qualify for PUA,” said Commissioner Dr. Tamika Ledbetter. Individuals who have exhausted regular UI claims may qualify for other programs before PUA will be available to them. Applicants must first apply for regular UI prior to filing for PUA. Both applications can be filed online by going to my.alaska.gov and clicking on “Unemployment.” Individuals without Internet access may contact a claim center at one of the phone numbers listed for: Juneau (907) 465-5552; Fairbanks: (907) 451-2871; Anchorage: (907) 269-4700; and all other areas: (888) 252-2557. At the end of the application, an individual may receive a message stating they are ineligible. However, the department is still working to complete the programming to determine eligibility. As work on the programming continues, individuals should submit wage information. Acceptable wage information includes an individual’s most recent 2019 federal tax filing, or documents that show employment or earnings prior to the individual’s unemployment due to the pandemic. Documents may be uploaded with the online PUA application beginning May 8, 2020. Until then, wage information may be emailed to dol.pua@alaska.gov with the subject line “PUA Wage Proof.” Individuals without Internet access may fax wage proof to (907) 465-2741. *via Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development*

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