Today’s Rideshare News for April 28th:

  • [LOS ANGELES] Coronavirus: Rideshare, Delivery And Taxi Drivers Can Get Tested Regardless Of Symptoms; Senior Meals Program Expanding:    “Starting Tuesday, rideshare, delivery and taxi drivers can start getting tested for the novel coronavirus, whether or not they are experiencing symptoms. Mayor Eric Garcetti made the announcement Monday during his daily briefing on the city’s coronavirus response, stating that this is just the latest opening of testing as capacity continues to increase. “These are folks that are on the frontlines, helping us get to where we need to go, helping us have food delivered to our homes and apartments and we have to keep them safe,” he said. “And these tests will do just that.”…” [FULL ARTICLE]
  • [BIZ JOURNAL] Uber is reportedly talking about layoffs in the thousands:    “Uber is considering laying off more than 5,000 of its 27,000-strong workforce, the Information reported. The San Francisco-based company’s main ride-hailing business has dropped by about 80% in recent weeks as stay-at-home orders have rippled across the much of the U.S., Europe and parts of Asia. A final decision on the scale of layoffs has not been made, the Information reported. It said Uber would not comment on the possible cuts beyond a statement it provided: “As you would expect, the company is looking at every possible scenario to ensure we get to the other side of this crisis in a stronger position than ever.”…” [FULL ARTICLE]
  • [AXIOS] Uber and San Francisco tangle over food delivery pricing:    “Uber looks like it’s playing hardball again — this time in a conflict with the city of San Francisco over food delivery fees. What’s happening: In response to an order from the San Francisco mayor capping the fees delivery services can charges restaurants, Uber’s food delivery business announced Friday it would no longer serve residents of the city’s Treasure Island neighborhood, saying it’s no longer able to finance those operations. Context: Uber made its reputation sparring with city governments, but in recent years has learned to moderate its approach during crises…”    [FULL ARTICLE]
  • [FREIGHT WAVES] To stanch ride-share bleeding, Uber looks to move packages, not people:    “Less than a year after going public, Uber (NYSE: UBER) has launched two services that move away from its core business of shuttling people around toward parcel and package delivery. The move comes as hundreds of companies, big and small, race to ramp up last-mile delivery in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Uber Direct is a courier service that delivers essential items from medication to pet supplies. Uber Connect allows friends and family to send packages to each other. Both services debuted last week in select cities in the U.S. and internationally…” [FULL ARTICLE]
  • [USA TODAY]: Free virtual COVID-19 screenings, health services for Lyft drivers:    “Lyft drivers are eligible for free and virtual health resources, including COVID-19 testing and doctor visits, through One Medical’s virtual care platform.Lyft announced in a blog post Tuesday that its drivers are now part of One. Medical’s Essential Workers program, which offers a free 30-day trail membership to workers providing essential services during the coronavirus pandemic. The membership includes access to the primary care practice’s digital platform, which provides services such as COVID screenings, 24/7 video visits, provider messaging and other health resources…” [FULL ARTICLE]
  • [24/7 WALL STREET] Why Lyft Stock Has a Bumpy Road to Recovery:     “The gig economy represents opportunity to these jobless. Ride-hailing rivals Uber and Lyft offer a vehicle for these people to make ends meet. Obviously, there will be near-term pain for these companies as COVID-19 is not completely sorted out, and these ride-hailing services have seen the worst of it. Once a recovery is in the cards, though, the potential to bounce back is huge. Lyft stock already has seen a significant bounce, with the stock price more than doubling since its mid-March low. While Lyft shares are signaling a recovery, it could be a bumpy ride back to normalcy…” [FULL ARTICLE]
  • [TECH CRUNCH] Former Tesla and Lyft exec Jon McNeil just launched a fund that plans to spin out its own companies:    “Lyft’s former COO Jon McNeill has had a fairly storied career as an operator. A Northwestern University economics major who worked at Bain & Co. out of college, he went on to start and sell five companies before being introduced in 2015 to Elon Musk by Sheryl Sandberg and spending 2.5 years as Tesla’s president of global sales and service. He was apparently so good at his job that Lyft’s investors asked him to join the car-share company to help it. There, he helped build up the company’s management team, got it through its public offering, then decamped last year roughly four months after its IPO and just 18 months after he’d joined. At the time, the move left some shareholders scratching their heads. It also drove down the price of Lyft’s shares. Now, McNeill says he had too many ideas percolating to stay. He has so many, in fact, that he just cofounded a business that will launch other businesses…” [FULL ARTICLE]
  • [DMARGE] RIDESHARE DRIVER BREAKS AUSTRALIA’S MOST UNLIKELY RECORD:    “With virtually all air travel suspended and the majority of us being told to stay at home until the pandemic subsides, you may think that people won’t be travelling. But in the unlikeliest of times, the record for the longest distance travelled in a rideshare taxi in Australia has just been broken. The unexpected journey took place earlier in this month of April by DiDi driver Mr Yi He. His passenger, who remains anonymous, “urgently needed to be in Tamworth”, in New South Wales, and since he wasn’t able to fly from his home city of Melbourne, with non-essential domestic travel currently axed in Australia, he called upon Mr He’s DiDi cab to drive him the 1,166km to his destination…” [FULL ARTICLE]
  • [THE PRESS] rideOS Selected by Alto to Scale Its On-Demand Multi-Service Mobility Business:     “rideOS, a leading Mobility as a Service technology provider that empowers businesses to build, operate and scale on-demand transportation offerings, today announced that Alto is utilizing the rideOS platform to manage its elevated rideshare service and accelerate its entry into last-mile delivery. Alto is now taking full-advantage of rideOS’ dynamic fleet planning and constraint-based routing system to optimize its operations. “As a fleet operator with employee drivers and not just an app-based marketplace, asset utilization of our people and vehicles is critical to our success and profitability. rideOS is a true pioneer in the industry and we’re confident their advanced capabilities will help us continue to build a uniquely efficient and profitable rideshare business,” said Will Coleman, CEO of Alto. “With the unprecedented decline in ridehail demand due to the COVID-19 crisis, we pivoted to delivery to address the greater need of our community. rideOS’ flexible technology helped us instantly adapt and successfully power our new service offering.”…” [FULL ARTICLE]
  • [NBC7 SAN DIEGO] Face Coverings Required to Ride MTS Buses and Trolleys Starting Friday:    “In order to align its policies with San Diego County public health orders, the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System will require all passengers to wear face coverings beginning Friday, May 1. Passengers must wear face coverings on vehicles and at transit centers and bus stops, the MTS said. Adequate face coverings include purchased or homemade masks, bandanas, scarves and neck gaiters. Bus and Trolley operators are already provided with hand sanitizer, gloves and masks. Passengers also board from the rear doors on buses to increase the distance between them and the operators. Violations of the county’s health order could result in a misdemeanor and a fine of up to $1,000 or six months in prison, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department…” [FULL ARTICLE]

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